All India Blood Helpline – An innovative life saving project

Scarcity of blood is increasing day by day and the city is facing lots of problem in finding blood donors and the blood components.

  • More than 50,000 blood donations are needed every day.
  • Approximately 60% of the Indian population is eligible to give blood – only 1% does in a given year.
  • 450ml of blood can save as many as three lives.
  • The need for blood will increase 5% each year.
  • One out of every three of us will need blood in our life time.

The issue of blood shortage is also due to lack of voluntary donors, though the figure has been rising. Experts stress that only awareness and more sensitization and enhanced blood donation camps can match the shortage.

All India Blood Helpline is an innovative concept which is absolutely different than normal blood donation process. It is a 24X7 Telephone-Based Blood Donors search engine. We create an area-wise donors data base and arrange live donors for blood & platelet (SDP) donations when required. These services are provided to the needy people without any charges.

The Blood Helpline is reliable and single-window access to blood donors and receivers.

Importance of All India Blood Helpline

  • When Fresh Blood required for the Patient.
  • When Platelet (SDP- Single Donor Platelet) is required.
  • When other blood bank’s Blood is not accepted
  • When Donors Card is not accepted. (If not issued by concern hospital)
  • Create a support system of blood requirement for outstation patients
  • Creating awareness program for being a BLOOD & PLATLET donor.

Our Vision

  • To set up dedicated helpline center round the clock to arrange blood donors.
  • Our Services should reach to all categories and classes of people.
  • To minimize the scarcity of blood in Mumbai and India with the help of awareness program and collecting huge data base of Blood donors.
  • To setup branches in every distanced locality with database, to provide fast services and better coordination between hospitals and blood donors.
  • To motivate people for becoming a blood donor through continuous awareness campaign and this should always be in their heart as human duty for donating blood.
  • To make All India Blood Helpline as auto mode within a period of 15 years and to be operated by common people under the guidance of Arpan Jyoti Foundation.

Key Highlights

  • Creation Of an area-wise donor’s data base.
  • Quick, smooth access to the listed donor from the same locality when required.
  • Prompt response and efficient coordination by our well-qualified staff.
  • Ensure 100% Transparency.
  • Helps in saving someone’s life.

Our Process

We organize various awareness campaigns and motivate people to be a blood donor by doing registrations in our online web portal. By organizing these regular campaigns in corporate companies, educational institutions, housing complexes, clubs & associations we create the volunteer blood donors data base.

When there is an emergency & need of volunteer donor, our helpline staff directly contacts the registered donors & co-ordinate with the recipients in concern hospital till the donation process completed.

Blood donation with 100% transparency, where donor meets recipients and donates. We only arrange the donors in emergency for the needy patients. It’s like just dial of blood.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation

Blood Donation Camp


All donations made towards Arpan Jyoti Foundation are tax exempted under Section 80(G) of Income Tax Act 1961