Arpan Jyoti Foundation is a Registered NGO founded in 2009, which works for the welfare and empowerment of the underprivileged sections in society with a noble & innovative thought.

Our organization is inspired by the idea of creating a common platform to bridge the gap between donor and receiver by bringing them on the same pedestal.

This concept is the brain child of Ranjan Kumar Barik who has spent fifteen years in closely observing and looking for practical solutions of social issues of the human being. He is a successful professional but with bent towards the human welfare. Now we are a group of fast growing likely minded people with the goal to serve humanity in the most practical manner.

With detailed and intensive research we found that there is lot of suspicion in Donations due to the lack of an authentic platform for the proper record and communication between the donor and receiver.


Donation is a very noble and benevolent concept prevalent since ages in our country. It has been practiced since ancient times. Its importance has been stressed by our sages and leaders too. We contribute for the betterment of the society as it is important for our progress and success.

In spite of people having right spirit to donate there have been very few transparent platforms for genuine donations. Our concept is based on transparency, genuineness and the right spirit of donation.

The only way to make donations more meaningful and worthwhile is to establish transparency in the process.


To ensure the rightful utilization of donations by bringing in end-to-end transparency and making the donation process smooth, Speedy & fully accountable.


All donations made towards Arpan Jyoti Foundation are tax exempted under Section 80(G) of Income Tax Act 1961